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About Us

InjurySync is a professional medical billing and collection service dedicated to free your office to do what you do best – care for your patients – while InjurySync ensures the financial growth and success of your practice.

InjurySync employs a team of experienced certified medical billing specialists who apply their extensive knowledge of relevant laws to ensure your practice sees timely and correct reimbursement, thus maximizing margins.

At InjurySync, our mission is simple. We are here to maximize reimbursement and collection of proceeds owed to you while maintaining the highest level of professional integrity, ethics and security. From rising costs and ever changing complicated compliance, medical billing and collections have become real jobs. We understand your core efforts are concentrated on the care of your patients, not chasing down your revenue. This is exactly why some of the most recognized medical providers in the country have chosen InjurySync as their medical billing and collection provider.

Our goal is to maximize your profits. We increase your revenue while decreasing your headaches.

InjurySync is comprised of a team of experienced professionals who are experts in such fields as medical billing, insurance and reimbursement and accounts receivable collection. Using the latest industry technology and advanced training, the InjurySync team effectively serves healthcare providers throughout the entire United States.

InjurySync is what happens when you bring the nation‘s top talent together to lead the medical billing and collection industry.

InjurySync provides comprehensive and fully integrated solutions for the administrative, financial and management challenges faced by medical providers and facilities throughout the country. Regardless of the size of the medical practice, from single provider to large multi–specialty physician groups and outpatient facilities, we at InjurySync have the resources and expertise to increase your cash flow, reduce the operating expenses at your facility and improve the level of patient care and satisfaction by freeing up medical personnel and office staff to perform more critical patient care duties and responsibilities.

Our compensation model creates a vested interest in the amount actually collected for our clients. We don‘t get paid until you get paid.

Medical providers across the country are turning to InjurySync for one reason. We have the technology, expertise and commitment to our clients to deliver complete 100% satisfaction. InjurySync thrives on getting all claims processed and all money that is owed to you, paid as quickly and efficiently as possible.