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The Only Third Party Billing Company with a Personal Injury Solution
Download Medical Records, Make Reduction Requests, Streamline Your Practice
The Personal Injury Lawyer Solution

InjurySync offers attorneys paperless efficiency.

Your personal injury practice is overloaded with paper and rife with busy work. You have a file cabinet full of files, fees waiting to be collected and even if you and your staff worked round the clock for three weeks you'd still have more work to do.

How many clients do you have who have finished treating but you don't have all the medicals? How many clients do you have where all the medicals are collected but the demand hasn't been sent out? These important profit-producing activities are delayed by the massive amount of busy work that goes into each case.

InjurySync will save you time. Upload your LOP's and HIPAA forms right to your medical providers, download the medical records as soon as they've been scanned in. You can even view the medical records online while on the phone with the insurance adjusters.

When the time comes to negotiate reductions, you will save time and money by doing so through InjurySync. And, all these services are free to attorneys. If you have providers who you would like to be InjurySync members contact us. Contact InjurySync representatives today to learn more.

InjurySync, ten years overdue and ten years ahead of its time.