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Medical Billing Solutions

InjurySync specializes in medical practice billing and collections. We do not outsource any work to foreign countries. Your data is kept secured in a HIPAA compliant office in the United States.

If your business is swamped with various functions, InjurySync can give you the assistance you need. If you answer yes to the following questions, then you should consider our medical billing services right away:

  • Does your office find themselves overwhelmed with billing?
  • Is your office spending more time with billing problems than with your patients?
  • Are your receivables getting out of hand?
  • Is your office inundated by patient calls regarding billing questions?
  • Would you like to free up your medical staff to deal with your patient‘s health, not their billing problems?

The definition of a successful physician has evolved over time. In the past, physicians were expected to be competent at treating diseases. Today, however, you face a different kind of job as a healthcare provider. You need to manage a practice, account for medical records and manage the medical claims that go along with them.

InjurySync provides billing and collection services to aid today‘s busy practice. A medical practice works very much like a business. You provide a service, and you expect to be paid for your service. Unlike the majority of businesses, a physician provides his or her service in full, and then may or may not be paid at a later date.

Obtaining payment from an insurance company is similar to completing a highly skilled obstacle course. You must first be knowledgeable of every current CPT and ICD-9 (10) code that could be applicable to your patient. You must then keep current on every quarterly deleted, updated, and added CPT and ICD-9 (10) code. You must then know which insurance companies accept certain CPT and ICD-9 (10) codes and under what combinations they will accept them. You must then know...and the list goes on and on. You did not open your practice to have to focus on these types of activities.

So, you can either take the above headaches, or likewise, much like a company, you can outsource your administrative tasks to InjurySync. The end result of outsourcing your medical billing is that you are given more time to focus on patient care, and less time stressing out on your billing and hoping that you will be able to pay your staff because the payments haven‘t come in yet. If you use InjurySync, then you can take the stress and headache out of your office. InjurySync does not outsource their medical billing services overseas, and is completely HIPAA compliant.

If you are having headaches managing insurance claims, need to reorganize your records, need to increase your reimbursements or need to free up your medical staff, then InjurySync will be here to help.