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Barry Eavenson, MD of Injury Specialists

"We have been using INJURYSYNC for some time now. We are very happy with their services. The staff at INJURYSYNC have been a great help to us and they work with the physicians and the staff to solve any problems that may arise."

Mark Feinberg, DC of Multi-Care Specialists

"After a very short period of time of being with INJURYSYNC, this group of highly professional individuals raised my collection percentage to a higher level than it has ever been in 16 years. My only regret is that I should have chosen to use INJURYSYNC much earlier. I highly recommend this firm to any physician or physician group that is interested in raising their current collection percentage."

Anthony E. Savoy, MD

INJURYSYNC has provided medical billing services for our office for some time now. The employees are always very helpful when called with questions regarding a claim, resolving any problems, and efficient in submitting claims in a timely manner resulting in quicker payments. More importantly, we have seen a major decrease in our accounts receivable since hiring them to do our medical billing."

Sanjay Malench, MD

"It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for INJURYSYNC and its staff. I switched to INJURYSYNC earlier this year, and I am very pleased with the services provided by them. I found that they have the friendliest staff on board. They not only provided me with a quality service, but I also found that I could rely on them to get practice related advice as well. I am very impressed with the knowledge of their staff. INJURYSYNC has given me valuable advice on practice management, coding services and billing procedures. Choosing INJURYSYNC has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. As my practice continually expands, my relationship with INJURYSYNC continues to grow as well."

Mark A. Johnson, MD

Receiving reimbursements from insurance carriers as well as patients has become increasingly more complicated. The best decision for my practice is to outsource my billing to INJURYSYNC. They have proven themselves to be experts in the field of billing with unsurpassed knowledge and a feel for quality of care. My reimbursements are now maximized to their full potential. “INJURYSYNC has handled every aspect of my billing, and every question has always been turned into a solution. I have always felt that quality is important, and INJURYSYNC is a quality service."

Mark E. Fredrick, MD

"I had no idea how complex billing for my services had become with all of the changes in healthcare. By having confidence in INJURYSYNC, I can relax and do my job. The cost of having traditional office employees trying to do your billing is enormous, due to lack of detailed knowledge, a lack of meticulous attention to detail, frequent errors, timely filing restrictions, clear accountability, etc. I know I can depend on this service day-by-day, month-by-month."

Hillary Donaldson, MD

"It is with great pleasure that I write a letter of recommendation for INJURYSYNC and its staff as I am extremely pleased with the quality of services and knowledge they provide. By outsourcing my billing I am able to trust that it will be handled with confidence; claims will be submitted efficiently, information will be inputted accurately, and attention to detail will always be a priority. The staff is always more than willing to answer questions and help my employees with coding and resolving billing issues. They are quick to respond to requests needed in our office to help our productivity and take the guess work out of our patient accounts. We have recently had INJURYSYNC take over our collections for unpaid patient balances, and again, they have demonstrated their ability to take charge and get the necessary payments made. Their continued quality service has resulted in a major decrease in our accounts receivable and I can depend on their professional staff getting the job done right, and in a timely manner. It is with no hesitation that I recommend INJURYSYNC for all your practice needs."